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The accumulated scientific output of the IAASARS High-Energy Group in refereed astronomy journals can be viewed in this ADS link. The corresponding ADS metrics are also available.

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Conferences & Schools

Below are lists of Astronomy Conferences and Advanced Astronomy Schools for MSc/PhD students that have been organized over the years by the IAASARS High-Energy Group.



Supermassive Black Holes: Enviroment and Evolution, Corfu, Greece, 19-22 June 2019

Demographics and Environment of AGN from Multi-Wavelength Surveys, Chania, Greece, 19-22 June 2015

Half a Century of X-ray Astronomy, Mykonos, Greece, 17-21 September 2012

X-ray surveys: Evolution of Accretion, Star-formation and Large Scale Structure, Island of Rhodes, Greece, 2-7 July 2007


School on Astro-Statistics as part of the BiD4BESt ITN programme. 7-17 January 2020 (online event).

Advanced School on Active Nuclei, 11-15 July 2016, co-organized with the Hellenic Astronomical Society.

Advanced School on the Obscured Universe, 20-22 Sept 2010

Advanced School on the Many Faces of Active Galactic Nuclei, 22-24 Sept 2008