X-ray Astronomy group


Current Sources of Funding
  • EU H2020 SPACE XMM2ATHENA: development of advanced analysis tools and data products to support the ESA/XMM-Newton mission and on the longer run the ESA/Athena X-ray Observatory.
  • EU H2020 INFRAIA-2018 AHEAD2020: development of novel X-ray source detection algorithms and raising the awareness of the public on High-Energy Astrophysics.
  • EU H2020 MSCA-ITN BiD4BESt: basic research on the formation and evolution of supermassive black-holes at the centres of galaxies.
  • Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation, “Forward-Modeling the Variable Energetic Universe”: basic research on the variability of active supermassive black holes.

Selected Past Sources of Funding

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