X-ray Astronomy group

National Observatory of Athens

The X-Ray Astronomy Group carries out basic research on X-Ray surveys, Large Scale Structure, AGN physics and normal galaxies. The group is part of the AHEAD (Activities for High Energy Astrophysics) E.U. H-2020 programme. As part of the ESA Prodex programme we construct the photometric redshifts for the 3XMM source catalogue em-ploing machine learning techniques. The group participates in large European and International X-ray Astronomy projects such as the XMM/XXL survey,the COSMOS X-ray surveys with XMM and Chandra, the Chandra mission AEGIS survey and the Chandra Deep Field South XMM survey The group is leading the large XMM project XMM-ATLAS. Currently the group employs three permanent research staff, two post-doctoral scientists and two postgraduate students.