The Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics has run in the past a series of European and nationaly funded projects mainly on the analysis of Space data. Currently four projects are active.

1. The evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei, Marie-Curie re-integration grant´┐Ż, 45.000 euro.

2. Multi-wavelength surveys for Evolution of Galaxies, MUSES, GSRT project Post-doctoral Researchers, 150.000 euro.

3. X-ray and optical AGN activity as a function of environment, GSRT project Post-doctoral Researchers, 150.000 euro.

4. Construction of an XMM EPIC spectral-fit database for integration within the serendipitous XMM-Newton X-ray source catalogue,ESA, PRODEX program, 100.000 euro.

5. Development of software for eROSITA, KRIPIS, 45.600 euro

6. The dark side of the accretion history of the Universe, THALES, 500.000 euro