XMM-Newton spectral-fit database


  • "XMMFITCAT: The XMM-Newton spectral-fit database"

    June 5th 2015,

    Spanish X-ray Astronomy2015

    Place: Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria, Santander, Spain.

  • "The XMM-Newton spectral-fit database"

    June 17th 2014,

    The X-ray Universe 2014

    Place: Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

  • "The XMM-Newton spectral-fit database"

    September 11th 2013,

    The 11th Hellenic Astronomical Conference

    Place: Academy of Athens, Greece.

  • "XMM-Newton advanced X-ray Astronomy School"

    December 13th, 14th 2012,

    Place: University of Athens, Greecce.

    • "XMM-Newton advanced X-ray Astronomy School"

    • "Introduction to Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)"

    • "Observational properties of AGN"

    • "Formation of AGN jets"

    • "The XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue"

    • "XMM-Newton data extraction techniques, the SAS package"

    • "XMM-Newton data analysis, the XSPEC package"

  • "The X-ray spectral properties of the AGN population in the XMM Bright Serendipitous Survey"

    October 10th 2012,

    Place: NOA Penteli site.